Moving to Electronic Health Records is a big step for any organization. It's a sizable investment of time and resources. But, this is the way of the future and if you're not on board, you may be left behind.

So, where to start?

You'll need a plan. And, plans start with answering good questions. HealthIT.gov points to some good questions and considerations to make. Like...
  • What work tasks/processes are we going to stop doing?
  • Do I need several new computers?
  • What arguments for health It investment can I make to potential investors? (Like your Board of Directors)
Once you've decided to move forward, you'll need to investigate products.

There are lots of options out there, and more come onto the scene every day. LeadingAge CAST has a tool that will assist you in the selection of your Electronic Health Record vendor.  They'll help you narrow it down based on your community's size and services.